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Newbie from Blender

Richard C

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I have come across Babylon.js in recent days having discarded three.js, clara.io, sketchfab, and a few others as I think Babylon looks like what I need to get my finished Blender models onto our website/ social media etc. I am not a professional designer/web developer but more a fairly enthusiastic amateur learning new skills for my company's benefit. I have successfully export the mesh objects into Babylon but haven't had quite the same success with Blender Internal materials (cycles materials definitely don't work!).

I an acquainted with HTML, CSS and JavaScript but wouldn't consider myself accomplished yet. I have started to work my way through the documentation/tutorials/videos etc to come up to steam with WebGL/OpenGL etc but would like to 'practice' using copies of my models rather than just primitives. I would like to get to the relevant tutorials/documentation first. Could someone point me in the direction of workflow from here, particularly creating new or modifying the exported BI materials which haven't been exported as I expected or would like. Do I use the Babylon Mesh Editor or Materials Editor. If the latter then

1. how do I get the exported materials into the editor?

 2. can I create a library for use on the second model which shares a number of common materials/textures?

3. how are materials created in the materials editor and presumably stored in a materials library referenced in site HTML  

I am sure I can find the answer to these questions by ploughing through the tutorials/documentation but I would like a little fast track help to find them please. Any other pointers/hints/tips will be gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance

Richard C


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@Richard C : Welcome to the form Richard.  Good to see another Blender user. :)

You are right that :


cycles materials definitely don't work!

But you can get around that by baking your cycles materials to a texture.  This is an example I posted in the Demo Forum :

Old House

The house except the windows are a single texture - note the lighting and shadows are baked in. So you have the option to create your baked textures in with the cycles renderer, then use the Blender renderer to create materials that use those baked textures. That is what I did for Mike McCann's house.

cheers, gryff :) 

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