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trouble with dynamic text


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I'm a newbie with pixi and am really enjoying it, I am creating a simple game but I cannot get the scoreboard to update dynamicaly, I can see the score increase in my console.log(score) but the number on screen remains at number 1. I have looked at online and at the manual and have tried .content but to no avail, what am I doing wrong ? I losing my hair

Below is my basic script :

var Container = PIXI.Container,
    autoDetectRenderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer,
    Graphics = PIXI.Graphics,
    Sprite = PIXI.Sprite,
    MovieClip = PIXI.extras.MovieClip,
    TilingSprite = PIXI.extras.TilingSprite,
    loader = PIXI.loader,
    resources = PIXI.loader.resources,
    Text = PIXI.Text;
    TextureCache = PIXI.utils.TextureCache,
    Texture = PIXI.Texture;

//Create a Pixi stage and renderer
var stage = new Container(),
    renderer = autoDetectRenderer(256, 256);

//Scale the canvas to the maximum window size
var scale = scaleToWindow(renderer.view);

//Set the initial game state
var state = play;

//load resources

//Define any variables that might be used in more than one function
var gameScene = undefined, // container
    state = undefined;
    score =1;
    message = undefined;

function setup() {

  gameScene = new Container();
  message = new Text(score, {fill:"white"});
 state = play;
  //Start the game loop

function gameLoop() {

  //Loop this function 60 times per second

  //Run the current state

  //Render the stage

function play()
    message.content = score;

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me


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