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CubeTexture.CreateFromImages with file:///


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I have a hybrid android application that uses babylonjs and what gets passed in the array for the skybox images are paths that use the android file system (file:///android_asset/www) and it doesn't seem like babylon is liking that.  Is there a work around for this other than base64-ing all the images and putting that inside the JS?


Example would be http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#AVG8L#1 but with file:/// ( file:///C:/textures/TropicalSunnyDay_px.jpg  for example)

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@NotADesigner -

This is a limitation of WebGL, and a conversion is not possible without the use of an encoder/decoder. I don't want to make any recommendations, as I don't have personal experience using a base64 encoder/decoder in WebGL development. However I'm certain there are users on this forum who do - no names necessary... you know who you are.;)


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For this case, android doesn't matter.  The effect is the same if you were to use a local path if you were to open up an index.html from ur local drive.  The image path would just be like  file:///C:/textures/TropicalSunnyDay_px.jpg .  For android, the concept is the same but just a different path.  Not sure if i'm explaining correctly.

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