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Scaling children


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I'm trying to add some sprites to other sprites. So something like this:

let width:number = 100;
let height:number = 100;
let size:number = 1;

// Pixel is a png with 1x1 size
// Create the placeholder
let background:Phaser.Sprite = this.game.add.sprite(0,0, 'pixel');
background.height = height;
background.width = width;
background.tint = 0xAAAAAA;

// Create a line
let sprite:Phaser.Sprite = this.game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'pixel');
sprite.height = size/background.scale.y;
sprite.tint = 0x0;
sprite.width = width/background.scale.x;

So, is there a reason why I have to divide by the parent sprites scales when I use .height and .width? I understand that the parent/children calculation will take all into account, so in this case the sprite.scale.x will be 1 and when size is calculated it will be 100, and sprite.scale.y will be 0.01 and when calculated it will be 1 (so basically a line here).

Wouldn't it be better that I set it to x=100,y=1 and those function calculate the scale correctly? If I make children of children it would be very hard to manually calculate the size from scale.

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