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Oculus Rift full screen


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i have a webVrFreeCamera that correctly follows Oculus tracking and orientation, i can't get video output on Oculus.

The demos on MozVR are written in THREE.js and they have a button that enables vr mode. They works fine.

How can i get the same behaviour in Babylon.js?

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16 hours ago, RaananW said:

Hi Gwir!

Three.JS has it? So do we! :)

The WebVRFreeCamera has a function called requestVRFullscreen . call this function and the screen will open full screen in your wonderful Oculus rift.


Already tried that, no result.

I can see the scene for a sec, then the oculus turns black again.

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Apparently CastorGUI has some problem with my configuration (DK2 v0.8 and firefox nightly), removing all CastorGUI code components

and calling requestVRFullscreen() solved the problem.

Thank you.


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The reason that the CastorGui extension won't allow full screen is that it is based in HTML and not WebGL natively. I use a combination of bGUI and CastorGUI - bGUI for the ability to scale your scene and GUI to the device's native resolution, and CastorGUI for any HTML objects such as floating windows and functions within them. They are both great extensions, but you need to remove any buttons in CastorGUI and either build them yourself, or use bGUI for your WebGL buttons. If you do need any HTML GUI objects, then this wil work as long as the main GUI is based in WebGL. I need both, so I use both, and am able to go full screen on any device - which is the real beauty of WebGL.

If you look at the bGUI code, it does a fantastic job of setting up your scene to fit to any device and any browser. And CastorGUI handles everything bGUI doesn't.


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