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Problem with loading OBJ file in babylon

Pawan Jadhav

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The fastest Way, just to get started, would be to scale your model down and set the origin to the model itself

The Problem is it is HUGE it looks like a single piece of a spaceship an the meshes origin  is far far away from the actual mesh. 

If you are more advanced 
you can also use babylon to recalculate the origin of your model, rotate your camera, or scale it down or something, the possibilities are endless.

I have fixed it for you, have fun.



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in what dimensions should a scene be? I just used the babylonjs exporter from 3ds Max and loaded it into the online material editor. There it is huge while it only has only 95x59x46 cm in 3ds Max with cm as system units.
As I am totally new to babylonjs (found it an hour ago), is there maybe already a post that gives such collected basic info on dimensions, units, what kind of material and such?

Thank you

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Hey Mike
I have absolutely no idea. :)
I use Blender. Per default 1 Blender Unit = 1 centimeter. 

The Problem above happens whenn you export your model not with local coordinates at the center of the object, centering the object at the world you're modelling.
Like creating a sphere place a camera in the center and than remove everything except a single piece (somewhere).

Size is always a relation between two objects. One single cube is infinite. 

So while we waiting for an answer from the 3ds Max exporter for Babylon

you can grab a local copy of the MaterialEditor and test if your Model loading faster, if you have don't to transmit data over the internet.


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