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Separate animation files for the same 3d model.


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Hi all,

I've run into a issue with some animations.. 

I have 1 model, and 11 separate animations for the model, each in their own .fbx file..

I have been searching and trying for countless hours over the last few days, and i'm just stuck.

I'm unable to "merge" the model & all animations into one file (it will only allow me to add one animation to the model's file),

spend hours googling ways to take all the animation files and merge them into one large file with each animation at separate frames, e.g. idle 0-55, walking 100-150.. etc.. 

Tried to export the animations separately to each their .babylon file, but the files end up being empty,


And i simply don't know what to do at this point, any expert help is greatly appreciated..

Tried 3ds max, maya and motion builder, (also tried blender, but it seems to mess up my model after importing it, both .fbx & .dae versions have something wrong with them in blender..)


So far what i have is my model with an idle animation, it loads into babylon, looks & acts like it is supposed to, but kinda useless without the other animations aswell :S..


And to clarify,

I would prefer having a single .babylon file containing the model & all animations on a single timeline(somehow "merge" the animations..)

But i would also be Ok with having separate animation files and importing them one by one if it is possible for babylon to run/play them on the same model.(somehow export the animations only to .babylon.)

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