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Transparent Loaded Mesh shadows


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Hi, I'm trying to load a scene that has meshes with transparent textures on them (leaves). Though when I have those meshes cast shadows, it ignores the transparency and the shadow is incorrect. But when I do it with code, it seems to work as intended. Here is a link to my babylon playground: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1JA4FW#5

Also, I was having a weird issue with the texture even causing shadows to cast at all, my solution was to put a single black pixel in the upper left and lower left corners of the texture and this caused shadows to show up.

Any help is appreciated.


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your code is correct because you are setting your texture to the diffuse channel and thus the engine will use it to do alpha testing. If the texture was set to opacity channel it would have triggered the alpha blending mode which is not compatible with shadows.

You should check with your DCC tool (blender? max?) and be sure to set your texture in the diffuse channel

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Well, that shouldn't be the issue here, unless I'm understanding you incorrectly, because if you look at line 59-65, I'm assigning the loaded meshes the same material I assigned to the Babylon created planes ( which is casting shadows correctly ). What I'm confused about is how they are using the exact same material, though their shadows are still different.

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