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hi everyone, I update my game scene with some Instance Mesh, you can check here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/86585940/BabylonWave/optimized2/index.html

I see some "island" mesh go flickering when overlap displaying racing buoy. I notice that may be rendering sort issue.

Does anyone know what happen ? How to fix it ? I already switch around from ver 2.3 , 2.4 ,2.5-alpha and this issue still there.  

I'm digging day by day with BJS learning. And unfortunately, digging deeper give me worse experience. 

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What does this mean?" And unfortunately, digging deeper give me worse experience " ? I'm pretty sure the community will appreciate a lot.

I'm also sure we will be able to help you if you can provide a repro case in the Playground


From what I see, I suspect an issue with depth ordering. ANd you are right this could come from the opacity texture.

I think this doc can help you understand how it works internally: http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/Transparency_and_How_Meshes_Are_Rendered


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@Deltakosh : Sorry , it cause by my poor English skill. I mean I have no luck because almost everything that I do with BJS often take me facing new issue, it is about my luck so I don't blame anyone. And you are right, may be I should create a PG to show you my problem, although I'm not familiar with creating PG for questions (so lazy). But everyone say it will be easier, right ? 

About my case, I already merge buoys (hundred of them) to single mesh, then remove opacity texture(use PNG texture (hasAlpha) instead). and issue gone. I will update my work in PG soon. 


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