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pointer event for double-tap on a mesh


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Does anyone know how to use pointer events to detect double-tap and double-click?  I'm using the pep.js framework and can't see anything in there.  Basically I just want to be able to double-tap my meshes on the screen to select them.  The dblClick event runs beautifully on desktop but unfortunately there is no equivalent for mobile devices.  I realise I could write my own with a timer but I was hoping to make my code a lot cleaner by using a single event.

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Hi ozRocker,

i don't believe such a event exists, i have never seen it anyhow.

but here's one rather easy way of doing it without being too messy :)

I haven't tested it, so it'll probably need a little bit tweaking to the timing, etc,

but it should work just fine, and if you're using 2.5 alpha you'll need to use the "new" way to handle pointer events^^

var leftClicks = 0;

scene.onPointerDown = function(evt /*, pickResult*/ ) {
  if (!scene.isReady()) return;

  if (evt.button === 0) {
    var noDoubles  = function() {
        leftClicks = 0
    return function() {
      //if no left clicks are made within 100ms of the previous click, reset leftClicks to 0.
      tOut = setTimeout(noDoubles, 100);

    if (leftClicks === 2) {
      //2 fast clicks

  } else if (evt.button === 2) {
    //right click
  } else {
    //mouse wheel



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