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Problem with shaking the camera


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I have a little problem with the camera. It doesn't shake when I use Filters... I tried to recreate one, change proprieties ect, the only thing working it's when I remove the Filters. I apply Filters on the entire stage

Is it normal ? Can I make something ?

The code : http://pastebin.com/buvwL8kQ

Thank you for your help

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In fact, this is the camera itself that doesn't work


Edit : I think it's because I don't pass the camera position to the shader, right ? And so, how ? 

Edit2 : Even without the shader, the camera doesn't work (I remove all the sprites just to see if informations are the same, and yes it is).

The camera info tells me that :


X: 0 ; Y 0

Bounds x: 0, Y: 0, W: 640, H:360

View x: 0 Y:0 W: 640; H:360

Total in view: 0

It's weird

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