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Need Help about Multiplayer 8 ball of Pool Game in Interphase


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To make it multiplayer,what params do I need to send to the other player? My code below is not working.

In the original takeShot method, I changed a little bit to send the params(px,py,cueball.x,cueball.y) to the server. 

內置圖片 4
When the player1 hit the cue ball,the server will call updateHit method to update player2's pool.(I just simply call the applyImpluse method)
內置圖片 1
but it will mess around and not synchronous, like the pictures below.
內置圖片 2
內置圖片 3
When I only make two balls in the pool, first or second hit,their position are the same at two players pool,but after serval times hit, two balls position will be slightly different.(look at those x,y,rx,ry param). I wonder why this could happen,because I defintely send the same hit params. 
內置圖片 1內置圖片 2
Is there anything I miss to fix the problem? 
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