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Can someone check this animation with an IPS-like display? - The issue drove me crazy


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The animation: kaansoral.com/images/pixel/index.html

This issue drove me crazy, basically, image-rendering: pixellated in Chrome caused columns to appear in my screen, they are differentiated by maybe 2-5% of a Contrast difference, maybe less, I thought it was my game, but I noticed the columns extend outside the browser window, so I moved my suspicions to the monitor, which is a Dell P2415Q

My trials are more in detail here: http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/dell-p2715q-and-p2415q-4k-ips-displays.1816805/page-60#post-23077379 http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/dell-p2715q-and-p2415q-4k-ips-displays.1816805/page-61#post-23082108

Yet couldn't find anyone to test the issue

I tested it myself in various systems and monitors, only the P2415Q consistently renders those columns, it might be a monitor defect/bug, or it might be that the color reproduction is better, I would be glad if someone else can test and detect the columns

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On 7/5/2016 at 6:01 PM, ericjbasti said:

Just ran a test, and I didn't see any issues. 

Thanks a lot, just saw your reply

I got the monitor replaced, yet still, I see the issue, I guess it might be a chronic issue with this specific monitor

Or maybe there is an issue with the animation and it's only visible with this monitor's color dynamics etc.

Anyway the issue still baffles me

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I tested this on a http://en.chuwi.com/product/items/Chuwi-Hi8-pro.html and it didn't have an issue. I didn't realize it until just now, but all current generation iMacs (4k and 5k) are using IPS displays and the issue doesn't show on them.

So its not an IPS issue. 

Would you notice this issue if you took a screenshot of the map and scrolled that?

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I had a chance to debug this issue a lot further

It seems a chronic Dell P2415Q issue, the replacement monitor I got also has this, I even started seeing these sections sometimes while watching stuff (This version replicates it across various browsers and os'es: kaansoral.com/images/pixel2/index.html )

Sadly, only pixel-perfect games trigger and make the issue noticeable significantly, and the existing owners of the monitor doesn't seem to notice or mind the issue, which is pretty interesting on it's own, as these people are buying the monitor for it's color reproduction etc. too

I guess I will try and make Dell recognise the issue, and hope I can find a replacement monitor myself, sadly only Dell makes affordable/decent anti-glare IPS monitors, I hope Apple's new monitor will be a worthy replacement

Once again, thanks for helping me debug this issue, I really appreciate it

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