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issue of base64 string size


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hi all, just a new one in pixi.js, im having some issues, any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

1: i have a large image 12.7 MB, after transformed it to base64, chrome dev tools demonstrates the base64 string's length is >17 millions, but if i created a texture with this large image, then call getBase64(), the returned string's size is > 46 millions, what cause such an increase of the base64 string's size?


2: my app is almost an image editor,  most of time, i only care about the static image, that's why i only call renderer.render(stage) when i really  need it. but how about this scenario: i have a large image as a background, and on top of it, there is a draggable rectangle, so in the callback onDragMove, i need to render the entire canvas over and over again, in case the image is large image like 13 MB, this will cause the serious performance issue, i am wondering how could i improve or skip this issue, is the issue possible to get solved with only on canvas? some thing like we tell the renderer: hey, please just render container A, not for container B?


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