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VideoTexture Bug in BJS version 2.4


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I made the move to babylon-master version 2.4 last night, and found that all of my videoTextures would not play back correctly. And by correctly, this means that there was no video images playing, only what appeared to be odd decompression artifacts. I don't have time to build a playground scene today, but if this isn't obvious to anyone else, I can certainly build a PG scene tomorrow to demonstrate. Although I'm certain you'll see the problem, as I tested with 3 different video formats, resolutions, and scaling values.


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I can confirm something has changed i run into Videotexture problem more often.
I was already spending hours to get everything right once, and now with my older Projects, i kind of face myself again with troubles and error handling.

here is a resource for video, no one (zero) is running.

I have to copy+paste code from stackoverflow and hack the gl Engine ?

https://archive.org/search.php?query=Le papillon fantastique

Im an Artist pictures are very imported

Thank you for all you work! 

<3 Babylonjs

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Hi @Deltakosh,

I'll send you 2 links in a message as I can't post publicly right now. One will use v2.2, and the other v2.4 - and you'll see the difference.


Also, @Nabroski - I had similar issues with both 2.3 and 2.4 and spent many days troubleshooting. But switching back to v2.2 solved all problems I was having with both images and videoTextures. So perhaps you might want to do the same until we figure out what the problems are.

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