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Reuse UI elements between states


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I am beginning with Phaser development and started to read Interphase. Is it possible to re-use UI components in between states? I see that it is possible to pass data to the next state but somehow it is not really working for me.

I have this in one state:

gengine.IntroScreen = function(game) {

gengine.IntroScreen.prototype = {
  preload: function () {
    exit = this.load.image('exit', 'assets/shared/exit_sprite.png');

  create: function () {
    this.exit = this.add.sprite(940,20,'exit');
    this.exit.inputEnabled = true;
    this.exit.events.onInputDown.add(this.exitState, this);
  exitState: function() {
    // restart the game

So the exit sprite is wired to a function that resets the game. Eventually I switch state in my code, trying to pass the exit sprite to the next state:

this.state.start('next_state', false, false, this.exit);

So then I was testing that in the next state, the sprite image was there since I didn't clearWorld() but it no longer responds to any click events. 

Is it better to just rebuild the UI every time from scratch?



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Nevermind - answered it. It seems like the best way to create re-usable functions and events that are global and independent from the current game state is to just add them to the gengine object so that they persist between states...


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