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Level Loading approaches?


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Hey all,

I'm creating a basic platformer that loads levels from JSON files, output from the Tiled map maker http://www.mapeditor.org/. Currently I simply preload the first level JSON, and render it to screen.

This works really great. However, I have created 25 levels now (with a view to adding more), each with their own JSON files, so I'm considering more extensible and performant approaches to loading levels.

Reading the forums, it has been mentioned that creating a static state for each of these levels is too intensive, and I think preloading 50 JSON files to upfront is probably a bit intensive as well. 

I'm wondering how other Phaser devs handle this problem? 


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Add a param to the level state's init function ,load different level according to the param.

Game.Main.prototype = {
    init: function (lv) {
        level =lv;


And start the state:

    true, //clear world   
    true, //clear cache (loaded assets) 
    1 //param(s)


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