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Hi @Pryme8

I've got a few models from them myself,
I use 3ds max and found that the models often get messed up when using the fbx files, either when importing to 3ds max or after exporting to babylon,

what i found working best is to download model's as .DAE with standard t-pose (not the "original .fbx t-pose" option)

and for animations i download as normal .FBX files, no skin, 30 fps and no keyframe reduction.

Hope it helps :)

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Yea, Im trying to put together a root animation controller for my fps.
I finished the model yesterday and am bringing into babylon today, so I wanted to make sure I have the rigging correct.

On your models getting messed up from mixamo, make sure when you re inport them you turn off include normals.  Mixamo does their normal's weird.



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