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Show preview of calculated path


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I have a Tilemap and two objects. The first object willl calculate the shortest path to the second one. If the player hits enter, the object will use this path. Before the player will press enter I want to show a preview of the path.

How would I do this? I could simply create a new Sprite for every point in the path and set the position to that point. The path will be recalculated very often, so I would permanently destroy the path sprites and recreate them. Is there a better option to achive this?

Thanks in advance!

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Never recreate sprites that you can re-use. Use sprites pool instead (eg: create 20 sprites for the points and only move them around and show/hide them instead of re-creating them).

A better approach might be creating a bitmapData and drawing directly on it using lines and circles. See this: http://gamemechanicexplorer.com/#bullets-5

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Thank you very much! I already used a sprite pool for bullets, but I simply forgot that I could use it for other things than bullets.

The other approach with the bitmapData seems very good. I think I will use that. Thank you for the link!

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