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Best Resolution for Game Assets? For iPhone 6s Plus


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Hi, just a simple question. I'm planning to make a 2D Puzzle Game similar to CandyCrush (matching 3 type of game) for mobile devices. My question is which resolution should I start with to keep the images sharp while having good performance?

Is 1920 x 1080 a good start for a background? I'm planning to develop the assets in HD and just scale them down on screen with smaller dimensions but I'm afraid the resolution might make the game crawl like a snail. Thanks.

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1920x1080 is the number of physical pixels in a 6+ but the whole 3x-downsampling craziness makes it a little trickier in practise. You'll need a 2148x1242 image for it to be crisp (in practise, you'll probably get away with a smaller image, but, if you're after precision thats the size you'll need). There's a table at the end of this article that gives you splash screen dimensions, you'll actually need slightly smaller if you're running in a browser but if you're planning on letting people save it to homescreen (or, indeed, some other solution like Cordova etc etc that embeds web tech in an app shell) then you'll need the full size.

As for worrying about perf, yep, that's a big ole image to be downloading but image compression will keep it small enough to manage. If you really want to get into it then you should serve the images based on the resolution of the device, i.e. 2x for retina devices, 1x for non-retina and 3x for the crazy higher dpi devices around currently.

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