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scene optimization, issue on mobile devices


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We are almost done with our project and I'm getting to scene optimization, I recorded timeline with chrome, even if most of the issue are on Android tablet iOS seems to handle things better even with less RAM

on PC i recorded timeline and checked the example playground i fist looked at when i started the project


since in my timeline setParticles is showed, i guess, on each render i was wondering if that is correct in example linked above is inside createScene function ( as in my project ) so is called each time the render loop fires createScene

I also have Synchronous alert by hand.min.js is that normal?

we also have scene.registerBeforeRender inside createScene function, i found it in this playground


i guess is correct but just checking :-)


On Android tablet, Samsung tab S2 8", i guest page to crash and reload while loading contents. I use assetsManager.

With remote console on chrome i can't see any error i just get a disconnected error when tab crash and reload itself


capture 2016-08-03_07-44-03_AM.png

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each frame, all the methods registered with scene.registerBeforeRender() are called each once. This is the place where you should implement your game logic.

You don't need to call createScene() each frame obviously

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