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How to scale slingshot like angrybird in phaser box2d

hare krishna

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Here is the sample souce code using cocos2dx 


            var from = rubber.getPosition(),
                rubberVec = cc.pSub(to, from),
                rubberAng = cc.pToAngle(rubberVec),
                rubberDeg = cc.RADIANS_TO_DEGREES(rubberAng),
                length = cc.pLength(rubberVec) + (lengthAddon || 8);

            rubber.setScaleX(-(length / rubber.getContentSize()

            if (topRubber) {
                rubber.setScaleY(1.1 - ((0.7 / this.slingRadius.max) * length));
                this.slingRubber3.setPosition(cc.pAdd(from, cc.p((length) * Math.cos(rubberAng), (length) * Math.sin(rubberAng))));


how to do this in phaser box2d 

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