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runRenderLoop and stopRenderLoop issues


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I am currently trying to make my runRenderLoop wrapper stupid-proof, so I want to stop it before issuing a new runRenderLoop() with my render callback.
Sadly, I find my preformance drop everytime I 'restart' the renderloop. The scene seems to be rendered as many times as I do calls on my wrapper. This is confirmed by visuals, as things get laggy, and by chrome's timeline, as it says Animation Frame Fired x N, where N increases everytime I restart.
Here is my wrapper function I call.

function startRender() {        if (!babylonEngine) {            init();        }        if (babylonEngine._runningLoop){            babylonEngine.stopRenderLoop();  // debugger shows I hit this point on restart, it goes into Babylon code, where it nullifies the callback, and clears this flag        }        var renderFunction = function (x) {            scene.render();        };        babylonEngine.runRenderLoop(renderFunction);    }    SCENEBABYLON.startRender = startRender;

I hope I've not missed anything trivial to begin with, and not wasting your time. Thanks for the answers :)

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It could be linked to timing. Because when you call scene.stopRenderLoop, a current render can be in progress. And because you reset a renderFunction right after the current registered render will see a renderFunction and so will continue to pull new frames


I'm not sure to be clear, alas :)


BTW, why not returning directly when startRender is called twice or more?

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BTW, why not returning directly when startRender is called twice or more?



You see, I thought, if there will be more things created, and / or arranged before starting the render (restarting the scene, so to say) it would be nice to restart the render, instead of just throwing away the restart request. But on a second thought, the render function will not really change, so it may as well stay in place. 


Thanks for the advice, I'll look into it

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