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Loading sprites exported from Flash?


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JSON (not json-array) works out of the box, and you can reference the frames directly by id name

Note though that Flash appends a bunch of "0000"s to the names. So if your movie clip is "ball" in the json it'll be "ball0000". Personally I just delete that 0000 from the json

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By the way - if you're like me, coming to PIXI from flash and trying to port some stuff over - this workflow is fantastic.

Animate CC still allows some actionscript on the timeline, so you can write a few snippets to export configuration data to pass to pixi (x,y,width,height for the *sprites*).

That's a game-logic kind of thing (configuration json, not texture atlas json), but I found it to be super awesome that I could use Flash as like a design stage, and then export a texture atlas and configuration data which PIXI uses to lay stuff out - and it matches 1:1

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