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Game get low fps and slow on some android devices (Like samsung galaxy note 3, samsung galaxy s2, hauewai etc..)


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Hi Guys,

I am new to phaser and html5 but i know phaser is a good framework to develop a game in short period. But here i faced some performance problem while game running on mobile device browser.

I have developed one slot game with resolution of 960x540, here i loaded one texture atlas with all images (nearly 100 png images) without bg because bg attached to full screen by using of div tag. over all assets size is around 1 MB.

At the same time i loaded some other images and spirtesheets for paylines and symbol animation to show the win animation. 

Symbol animation spritesheet size is around 10 MB.

However the game get low fps and very low performance on some android devices like samsung galaxy s6, samsung galaxy note3, samsung galaxy s2 etc..,

Performance issue happened even i am not loaded symbol animation spritesheets which have 10 MB size.

Now this is very big issue for us to get game to stable version and productivity.

So, please guys any of you suggest me how to handle this situation.


Note: I have created spritesheets and texture atlas by TexturePacker tool with maximum size of (2048x2048)


Thanks in advance,


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thanks for the reply,

In my project i does not handle update loop.

Here i loaded around 20 to 30 images by using game.load.image(), because each image has size of 685x315 so all these image can't into single spritesheet the size of 2048x2048. so i loaded individually really its affect any performance issue.

While reel spining time i started one tween and handle it update method to change the reel icon dynamically that updateloop only i handled here.

And one more clarification, can we unload the previous game level texture atlas completely when we switch to next level of game, 

Because in our game there is two bonus games available if i am enter into  bonus game 1 from maingame mean here i need to remove maingame assets completely from memory and load bonus game 1 assets. Then after complete bonus game 1 we get back to maingame here i need to unload bonus game 1 assets and load maingame assets. Is ti possible to reduce memory.

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