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Das Noise


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Bring the noize!

Good collecting them, couple of things that would restrict me from using this is anger, although your mileage might vary on these points:

* No license, but you ask for a credit? it's either open sourced or not, is including your banner enough? No biggy, but without a license its hard to use.

* 27kb is shed loads just for noise, any way I can just grab what I need from the repo? Doesn't look like its structured as such, which brings me to...

* No module system. Won't fit in with any sort of build chain without major teeth grinding, which limits its use for anything non-demo.

* Any perf tests? Noise should be lightning fast and of the approximately 4 million different noise libraries (typically only implementing 2 versions of noise, which are actually just permutations on one algorithm) just available via npm most have perf data which is usually the only differentiator (file size, or code size, is a factor but not a major one, code quality is a major one but if its fast enough and the api isn't dreadful then its good enough).

* Why not just shove a unified interface infront of the pre-existing implementations? Surely that would be easier than reimplementing them yourself and shift perf/bug concerns somewhere else, updating all those algorithms yourself would be mega painful

* I saw lots of uncached calls to Math functions, and lots of repeated type checks and flooring, I'd imagine you could get some perf benefits by memoizing in places and ditching checking and flooring in favour of faster methods. maybe, I dunno, just a thought.

I like the idea though and noise sure makes things purty

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Yeah a lot of those issues will be addressed, and it will make more sense one you see it in application when TERIABLE is wrapped up, a few more features this has then most noise libraries is mixing and other filters and is more going to be geared tword producing realistic height maps with erosion and other features that can be loaded into any system and produce infinite landscapes.  You can check out more if you search the Babylon js demos for TERIABLE. And these noise algorithms are just as fast as any other system.  The problem I was having with other libraries is not all methods were seeded and they were never had similar constructors, this library is super simple to use and very robust.  I am happy with the two days of Dev I've gotten in on it.


An editor should be up tommrow so you can play with all of them in real time and adjust any settings, with an option for outputing it as a serialized function for what ever js system or as a static image, and even possibly a url that you can copy and past and "save" designs.  I was able to do a 4 octive simple2d render of a 1600*1600 pxl area in 2.6s, for terrain generation that is just fine.


tha k you for checking it out, if you see ways to improve calculations and still get similar effects please feel free to let me know, and I'm always interested in new systems of measurement if yo have any.

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