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Issues with loading / unloading on the fly?


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Hello again, team. I was wondering if anybody has experience in doing quick, on the fly loading / unloading. This case mostly targeting audio assets. I'd like to know if Phaser has problems with this and / or if there are better ways to approach my problem.

Quick doodle of what was in my brain but is there an issue with this loading style? Let's say I have A - Z in .mp3 files. I would like to play A, load B, then play B, load C and so on. (while also unloading as I go)


Any replies welcome, cheers!

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On 8/19/2016 at 10:08 PM, tips4design said:

I don't see why it wouldn't work. Make sure you wait for the audio files to be decoded too.

Cool, thanks. Is there any decent method for detecting when audio is decoded? We obviously have the onLoadComplete signal but it's always been problematic say, when kicking up a music file straight after the loading screen. It would be cool to factor some decode time accurately into load time.

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