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WebGL Game Developer in Munich/Germany


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Hi all,

my company Travian Games from Munich/Germany is looking for an experienced WebGL Developer to work in full time from our office in Munich.

Travian Games is developing browser based games since 2004 and one of our latest titles is "Travian Kingdoms" for which I'm looking for a good developer who has experience with BabylonJs or similar:

You can send your application here: https://traviangames.tms.hrdepartment.com/jobs/164/WebGL-DeveloperMunchen-Bayern?lcid=en-UK

or just send me an email to: g.mueller [a.t] traviangames.com



You will work for our browser based game Travian Kingdoms as a 3D WebGL developer (f/m) in a friendly international team in Munich, Germany. Our team language is English and our daily tools are JavaScript with AngularJS in our frontend and NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, Redis and MongoDB on our backend side. Jira, Git and Confluence are keeping our project organized.

You will have the chance to define the transition of a 2D game into the 3rd dimension and share your knowledge with experienced, but "non-3D" developers.


  • You have good experience in JavaScript and WebGL
  • You have knowledge in a 3D Web Framework like three.js, babylon.js or a similar one
  • You know how vertex and fragment shaders work on a GPU to get a great performance out of it
  • You have worked on at least one WebGL project and can show some results
  • Good command of English language
  • You have some basic experience in 3ds Max, Blender or a similar tool
  • You love strategy games and are passionate to create great worlds for gamers


  • A lot of freedom:
    • Flexible work time (core hours 10:30am to 4pm).
    • Bring in your own ideas
    • Choose your favorite OS
    • Choose own task within a sprint
  • Free Coffee, Drinks & Fruits
  • Located in Munich
    • One of the most beatiful cities in Germany
    • We have mountains and the Oktoberfest
    • Easy to reach with public transport
  • Open Company culture: Friendly colleagues, no secrets, less hirarchy
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