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getBounds not world coordinates?


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It seems that Sprite.getBounds returns camera-relative coordinates.
The docs say "Returns the bounds of the Sprite as a rectangle. The bounds calculation takes the worldTransform into account" which would indicate to me that they give world coordinates.

However, looking at the code a bit, it seems that in a simple game you might have the hierarchy:

    Stage -> World -> Group -> Sprite

And if the camera is at position (100,100), then that means the World's transform is at (-100, -100).

Then, when getBounds is called on the sprite, it traverses its parents, accounting for all transforms, and thus the camera's (-100, -100) is included.

Is this a bug? At least in the documentation?
I can work around it easily enough (add the camera's coords to what getBounds returns), but it made me pull some hair out (:

I'm using Phaser 2.4.4

Here's another forum post about the same issue, FYI:


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