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How to use sprite sheet with MovieClips?


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I'm banging my head against the desk try to get spritesheets working in PixiJS.  When I began the project, v3 was still current so I'm hoping to stick to that version just to get this project out the door.

So, rather than use a JSON file, I'm opting to just loop through creating frames from a single image.  I've already found a few posts here and elsewhere on how to do it, but the end result is not working.  I'm scratching my head as to what I'm missing.  All I get is the first frame.

I'm loading all textures using the PIXI Loader then basically using this script:

var base = PIXI.utils.TextureCache[ "img/spritesheet.png" ];

var aryTextures = [];

var frameWidth = 525;
var frameHeight = 700;

var i = 0;
var length = 12;

var col;
var row;
var colMax = 12;

for ( i; i < length; i++ ) {

	row = Math.floor( i / colMax );
	col = i - row * colMax;

	var texture = new PIXI.Texture( base );
	var rect = new PIXI.Rectangle( frameWidth * col, frameHeight * row, frameWidth, frameHeight );
	texture.frame = rect;

	aryTextures.push( texture );


var mc = new PIXI.extras.MovieClip( aryTextures );
mc.loop = false;
mc.onComplete = function() { /*do stuff*/ };
myStage.addChild( mc );

mc.gotoAndPlay( 0 );

Still on my first project with PixiJS, so sorry for my noobiness!


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