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Is Phaser the right tool for this job?


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Hi Everyone,

I am looking to develop a web based GUI to interact with video. I am working on a machine learning application that will identify items passing by on a conveyor belt. The current GUI is built in QT, although it is clunky and hard to deploy. 

Imagine a web app that will allow a user to step frame-by-frame through a video clip of pieces of fruit passing by on a conveyor belt. There is a grid that overlays the video player. For each frame, the user will identify the apples and bananas by coloring a grid that overlays the video frame by clicking on said grid. 

Sometimes the data layer will come from a database and I would like to pre-populate the grid with the corresponding colors

Here is an image describing what I am trying to acheive: http://imgur.com/a/FmN5H

Is Phaser the right tool for this job? Do you have any suggestions on something that might work better?


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