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WebGL mode game automatically crashed and browser also closed


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When running game  on mobile browser with Phaser.AUTO mode some devices automatically crashed the game and also closed the browser.

i dont know really why its happened [its happened only on WEBGL mode]. tell you guys it really help me to continue the development.

Deivce details:

Samsung Galaxy Note7000 with latest chrome browser [version-53.3.2785.124]

Samsung Galaxy s2 with latest chrome browser

and some Panasonic brand mobiles also.

And also overall game has too pixelated this one also very big problem us to release the game.

In our game stage created like,



for HD mobile (width < 960 px)


var mainGame = new Phaser.Game(GAME_MAX_WIDTH,GAME_MAX_HEIGHT,Phaser.AUTO,'game_div_id',{preload:preload, create:create},true);

for SD mobile (width > 960 px)


var mainGame = new Phaser.Game(GAME_MAX_WIDTH,GAME_MAX_HEIGHT,Phaser.AUTO,'game_div_id',{preload:preload, create:create},true);

all game graphics added with multiple groups and all groups has to be scaling when window get resizing.

if((GAME_MAX_WIDTH/window.innerWidth) > (GAME_MAX_HEIGHT/window.innerHeight)) 
        scaleFactor = (window.innerWidth/ GAME_MAX_WIDTH);        
        scaleFactor = (window.innerHeight/ GAME_MAX_HEIGHT);        

all game groups scaling value set by scaleFactor

like, gameContainer.scale.setTo(scaleFactor);

can you guys share your ideas why game crashed and why too pixelated.




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