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"Zoom all" with bounding box


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hi everyone!

i'm trying to make a function that zooms my scene to fit all screen.

this is a playground example of my code: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#EHLMG#2

you can ignore the computeBounds() and drawBox() functions, they are only auxiliary tools.

as you can see, the function doesn't fit the entire node on screen... :(

do i have to make some computations on the fov parameter? or is it just the obvious angle of view of my camera?

thank you!


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i thought that fovMode VERTICAL_FIXED meant that the fov parameter, free to change, was the HORIZONTAL fov!

it's related to the VERTICAL fov, instead...

in fact, thinking about it, two fov parameters can't exist in the same context.


now i have another problem.

when at runtime i change my camera's fovMode, i don't see any change at screen.

i've to manually edit fov parameter to see some changes. why?


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