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Migration to V3.0.0 B1


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Hey guys, just a really quick note for anybody looking forward to Phaser 3. I cloned the dev branch from git and pulled it into a few of my existing projects. I can't say for certain yet, as I haven't done any really extensive performance testing, stress testing but it seems to be holding it's own. No major errors, or bugs occurring. 

Will report back when I have more information on how it performs against 2.6.2 (latest);

Has anybody else updated their games / projects to phaser 3 yet or are you still waiting on updates and patches?

Just a quick shout out to @rich for all the hard work that's gone into this release. I'm super pleased at how easy it was to migrate. (Note, I was already using ES6, not sure if it made my migration any easier than others). Peace!

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