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Scaling a group that contains a tile layer


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Is putting a tile layer in to a group and then scaling the group supported, and if it is then I'm wondering if anyone knows what is wrong with my approach atm :)

I have a group & some tile layers that are created like this:

// I create the group like this..
this.worldGroup = this.add.group();


// Create tile layers like this and add them to the group
var tileLayer = this.tilemap.createLayer("blah");

The camera is following the player sprite, and there are a few other sprites. All of the sprites are in the same group as the tile layer; the intention is to have the ui in another group with different scaling so the designers can freely scale the scenes without screwing up the ui. If i leave the scale on worldGroup at 1,1 then everything works as expected, but if I change it the tilemap seems to clip the area it draws incorrectly. If I move the camera around the scene it seems to clip more the further down and right I move, and less as I move back towards the 0,0 position.

I have attached a pair of screenshots, one showing 1,1 scale and another showing 2,2

1,1 scale:


2,2 scale:


Has anyone dealt with this kind of thing before/can tell me what stupid thing I did wrong?


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