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Box in CYOS


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@Pryme8 - Yes, please!;)

Also, why does there appear to be a difference in the render scene canvas resolution if I press the reload button in my browser? I've only tried this with Chrome on Windows, but cannot figure out what might be cached which appears to be causing the difference in the rendered canvas. If I press back and go back to the CYOS link, and click the link again; then the scene renders as expected. Anyone know what is occurring?


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@Deltakosh - It has increased dramatically in their last build. I now must use FireFox to test, as it doesn't have the cache issues Chrome has. However the performance of Firefox is poor comparitavely. It just adds another step in my pipeline - unfortunately. But thanks for the advice, as it's painful to work with the latest Chrome build.



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I also have some suggestions.

  • Tabs in the Editor e.g multi pass fragment shader.
  • Also re sizable Editor &/or i usaly most of the time in the fragment shader, so it would be great if i can only work in this window, and switch back if needed, like in the playground.  
  • It would be great if the would be a drop down list, with the predef. variables i can use. I always go back to this forum - was it worldprojection, or ProjectionView.
  • More textures :)

    i want to upload it on gibhub ... but i not so familiar with 


    so this is just brainstorming, but change the editor size would be great anyway.

    how about the classics ?


_ _ _


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being able to slide the editor windows would be so perfect, I would actually really like them to be un-docked and scale-able.

** I may Pull the CYOS if its open source and commit some extensions here when I get a chance. (yea globally available variables would be dope)

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