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Overlap bugging after restart the game.


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Hello guys, I'm making a simple Phaser game and everything works fine on the first run, but after the game is finished and the player restart the game, a weird bug that seems to be caused by the star occur... I've tryed to understand what is happening here the whole day with no succes... =/ I've made a simple video to explain better...

And here is the code from what seems to cause the problem.

    //creating falling star
    createStar : function()
            this.star = this.game.add.sprite(this.rndd,this.game.world.top,'star');
        }else if(!this.star.alive)

    //overlap test
    testOverlap : function(spriteA, spriteB) 
        var boundsA = spriteA.getBounds();
        var boundsB = spriteB.getBounds();
        return Phaser.Rectangle.intersects(boundsA, boundsB);

    update : function()
        if ((this.testOverlap(this.baskball, this.star)&&(this.star.alive)))

I hope someone can help me or has a tip. Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advice!

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