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Babylon Embeded in Popup?


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So I have been working on a 3d model viewer in babylon and it is to be embeded in an external website.It is a long scrolling website. This has caused a problem with our canvas with babylon running inside it as we take control over much input, such as scrolling.

I have been researching how to workaround this, something looking like a modal, or  Lightbox would be awesome, but doesn't support webgl. We could open a new window by embedding a button and making the site external but we would like it to be connected to the main page. 

Does anyone have a suggestion to point me in the right direction?

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17 hours ago, max123 said:

What do you mean "but doesn't support webgl"? A modal is just some basic CSS + js on your page.

It was babylon that threw the error "Uncaught Error: WebGL not supported".

But your confirmation was needed to get me on the right track :). The error was in my CSS.


Got it running inside a modal now, Need to figure out a way to assign the correct size to the canvas even when the modal starts out hidden with display: none.

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