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Time to reveal what is my latest project:
So what is it?
In short it's a 2D graphical RPG maker directly usable from your browser,
which let you create multi player games. You can upload your own art
(and soon your music too), change all the game rules, edit the maps,
place monsters, create quests, and much more.
Who can be interested?
Whoever want to create his/her own 2D rpg or just even want to play one.
How much will it cost?
There will be a couple of options. You will be able to start without paying
a cent, but some features will be disabled and available only for payed users.
Can I make money with it?
Yes you can, as we will introduce premium shops such that your players can
spend money on your game. There will be a fee on the sales most likely but
you shall get most of the money. Payment for your players and for you
will be done via Paypal.
Can I create a big game with it?
Yes you can create really really huge games, with loads of maps and content.
We doubt you will ever reach the limits of our system.
Do I need to download something to start?
No it's all fully working within your browser using HTML5 technologies (JS and Canvas).
No need to download anything neither for you nor your players.
Will my game be playable from mobile devices?
Yes we do plan to make the games fully playable by mobiles, while the maker will
most likely be too difficult to use from a mobile device.
When shall the product be ready to be used?
You can start already using our product, but we consider it currently as in beta.
We plan to have a full product by the end of this year. However our own game
will be released only middle next year.
Can I save / export my game?
We do offer backup and restore of your game data, which you can save on your PC.
However we don't have a plan yet to let you export the code to run it on your
computer or another server.
How can my players access the game I designed?
Every game created with our tool is accessible as <your_game_name>.dotworld.me
Using this URL your players access directly your game without jumping on our home site.
Will you offer some content as start point?
Yes we offer 2 different base content you could choose from and use for your
own game creation.
What about security?
We do already have some cheat detection implemented but more will come later
on preventing basically most of the player cheating. You can however already
try to see what is already implemented and be surprised.
Who participate in this project?
Currently we are 2 people, an artist creating art, and working on our game,
and myself working on the code.
What is still missing?
If you want to know if you can already use the tool then the answer is yes
you can, but we still have loads planned and ongoing. You can check our
roadmap for more information: https://www.dotworldmaker.com/todo.html









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I modified a bit the engine and now I can show some of the features as "external" tools:

The particle editor with preview:

Map editor:

Procedural map generation:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Don't think we even slowed down with the development because it's by far not true. However what I can report you is that we have what could be called a release candidate. All the bugs I do remember about have been fixed, and all the must have features have been implemented.

So what do we will work on now? We will continue to work on advertise our service as we started since a month or so, but that may not interest you much right? So what about next features you may ask and this is why I thought I would make a post:

I will change the session handling such that in the event the server goes down the engine will try to save the state on your PC as local storage and recover from there next time you log in. Also, the session should automatically be re-created such that you don't end up on the home page anymore after a server restart or for some internet cut. This should improve greatly the reliability of the service and should prevent most if not all data lost. This is also important as if you work many hours without saving (who is the monkey not saving every now and then?) it would be more than frustrating to lose all your work. The local storage will therefore be used as "temporary" save.

Another feature which I'm working on which in my opinion will help new comers as well as maybe more advanced users is an integrated pixel painter. This should let you edit existing images / sprites as well as paint brand new one. Therefore for those not having all the tools to do pixel editing or for those which need a quick sprite fix, we should have a solution. Hopefully our tool will at some point offer tools specialized for pixel editing which could actually lead you to use it as primary tool for the image editing work of your game but as I always work with iterations, clearly the first version will not offer all what we have in mind. One of the issue with such tool is what if you loose internet connection while painting? Well as we will solve the session handling we should cover the problem with pixel painting as well.

Another feature we plan to create in a relatively short term is the game wiki which let the owner add player documentation. It seems something game owner could greatly profit on, for example to explain the game rules, give a background story, have lists of monsters or whatever they want to share. We don't have a plan yet how to charge it, if it should be included or not but even in the event we will charge something I doubt we will be really expensive. Could be that we simply add your content as general content and you will just have to pay for the storage size.

Remains another point which I was wondering. What if you don't have internet and want to work on your game? Well would be cool to have like an offline mode such that you can edit maps, world rules, add items, create art and more even if your are on a laptop in train would be cool to have a way to solve that. Therefore depending on the interest we could try to offer either a standalone version of the editor or an offline mode of the maker such that you can still work on your game on the go. As always please share your thoughts and let us know what you think.

As you see we are still pretty much going at full steam and we shall continue as the project certainly gets quite some interest from many different users. I shall take finally the opportunity to remember you that if you like our project and want to profit from our special pre-release price, head to our site, login and open https://www.dotworldmaker.com/prices.html you will see there a "buy license" button which unlocks all the advanced features for the small price of 24$. Any sale will yet push us more and show us in a clear way that our project is appreciated, for that we thank you in advance.

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