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OutlineFilter shows strange artifacts


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first of all: I recently started using PIXI.js, and it's great! Big thanks to developers for their wonderful work.

I'm using the OutlineFilter from the pixi-extra-filters repository, and while it works great most of the time, I sometimes get strange artifacts. I'm using it on Sprites with textures from a single .png (outer areas are allways fully transparent) as well as on MovieClips, and sometimes the very border of the Sprite / MovieClip gets an outline, even though it is fully transparent there. These false outlines are allways on the right and/or lower border (never top or left), and all Sprites / MovieClips with the same size are affected (I have attached an image, you can see the false outline below the sprite). They don't allways appear, but often enough to be a problem.

I tried playing with the value of Filter.padding, but to no effect. 

Has anybody else encountered this problem? What did you do?

I'm on PIXI.js v4.0.3

Thank you very much!



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Thank you for your reply.

The Sprite in the picture is not part of a Spritesheet, just a single 64x64 png with transparent background (it happens to spritesheets too) Also, the artifact is not allways on the bottom. I had it at the right corner too, with the same Sprite as shown above.

Can you elaborate what you mean with reducing the sprite rectangle size? Are you referring to this:


I tried upgrading to PIXI v4.1 - didn't fix it but broke my hitPolys, so I changed back to v4.0.3 for now.

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