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Detecting when scene pointer is over specific canvas2D child


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Hello, I am trying to work out how I can use scene.pointerX/scene.pointerY to determine when my cursor is over a specific canvas2D rectangle. I made a small playground to show what I am trying to do.


The intention is for it to only toggle the box's color when clicking over it, but you can see that doesn't happen.

What I really want this for is so that I can use a full size ScreenSpaceCanvas2D and be able to return early from my scene pointer actions if it is over specific rectangles. I tried scaling down the screen canvas to the size of the actual menu, but then I ran into the issue of scaling the menu properly in a way that behaves the same way the margin values do for a rectangle.

Anyway, a bit new to Babylon.js, any help is appreciated.

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Looks like I can achieve what I want using the actualPosition/actualSize of the Prim2DBase.


Not sure if I misunderstand what the .boundingInfo BoundingInfo2D property is supposed to be used for. If I inspect the center for the boundingInfo it is nowhere near the actualPosition?


Anyway, guess I have a way forward.

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