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Mouse behavior from 2.3 to 2.4 changed. Canvas has dotted border on focus? Wheel behavior changed?


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I am having troubles with my mouse movement if I update babylonJs from 2.3 to 2.4.

My renderCanvas has will dotted border when it gets focus (wasn't there earlier). If I try to turn my ArcCamera with middle button the mouse circle appears and the movement will be on all the time.

This doesn’t happen in 2.3 all I do is just to update babylon.js.

This happens in IE 11. Firefox will not have the dotted line but the middle mouse wheel will have page scroll after press down and will control the page not the models on the renderCanvas.. Which actually is the main problem.

I hope someone understand what I mean and can help.



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1. We do not control the canvas so if you're seeing focus border, it has to come from elsewhere

2. Regarding mouse movement: Mouse can turn with left mouse button (ok middle works also but it is not intended). I've just try with this scene on ie11 and it works for me: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#28G6UT#0

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Thanks for the quick answer.

1) I will have to dig in to my boothstrap theme then. Funny that with 2.3 everything is ok. Maybe some naming or something.

2) I am heavily using the middle wheel press. With left button I am grapping items and moving them. Right button brings menu over the screen ( so it’s not good). I thought that the middle wheel was supposed to work as it works e.g. Application Google Earth or in Blender. :D Works for me anyway. But with 2.4 behavior changes. Maybe do to my theme again. Your example works exactly as I wish. I have higher screen which can be scrolled. Maybe I try to do something with that.


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