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if extension != ".gltf" then fail to load


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This is the version v2.4.0 and later of the problem.

"halloween.gltf" was successful in loading. However, "halloween_gltf.txt" was failed in loading. 

BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load("./", "halloween_gltf.txt", engine, function (newScene) {

Version v2.3.0 previously did not have a problem.


I will sometimes post jsdo.it the JavaScript code. jsdo.it is a coding community for JavaScript users.

File name is changed to when registering the assets in jsdo.it.


BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load("/assets/0/2/I/8/", "02I89", engine, function (newScene) {


Because I want to post a sample of Babylon.js to jsdo.it in future, I hope that this problem is resolved.


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Deltakosh san Thanks for the advice.

I understood that Babylon.js sees extensions to determine plugins.

I tried the following changes, and I was able to load the gltf file with jsdo.it.


The jsdo.it recognizes the extension of some image files.  (but, extension gltf is not supported.)

I changed the extension ".gltf" to ".png" and registered in jsdo.it, and I fixed gltf Loader of Babylon.js as follows.

    function GLTFFileLoader() {
        * Public members
        this.extensions = {
            ".png": { isBinary: false }, // Add (dummy extension)
            ".gltf": { isBinary: false },
            ".glb": { isBinary: true }

I think that it is a problem of jsdo.it that the extension gltf is not recognized.

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