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joint issue in babylon js

shakeel ahmed

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Hello guys, 
I have made two custom meshes properly using xhtml code, one is garment(T-Shirt) and another is Model(Human Body).But i am trying to simulate Garment with Model means i have added physics engine and collision. I am unable to add imposter and joints. Beacuse of this, the simulation task between Garment(Cloth) and Model(Human Body) is done .I am too much stuck and waiting your reply.
I am writing whole code for both custom meshed



var position_vertices_data = garment.getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind);
var spheres = [];
for (var i = 0; i < position_vertices_data.length; i = i + 3) {
  var v = BABYLON.Vector3.FromArray(position_vertices_data, i);
  var s = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateSphere("s" + i, { diameter: 0.5 }, scene);
  s.position.y = 60;

function createJoint(imp1, imp2) {
  var joint = new BABYLON.DistanceJoint({
    maxDistance: 1
  imp1.addJoint(imp2, joint);

spheres.forEach(function (point, idx) {
  var mass = 1;
  point.physicsImpostor = new BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor(point, BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor.ParticleImpostor, { mass: mass, restitution: 0.9 }, scene);
  if (idx >= subdivisions) {
    createJoint(point.physicsImpostor, spheres[idx - subdivisions].physicsImpostor);
    if (idx % subdivisions) {
      createJoint(point.physicsImpostor, spheres[idx - 1].physicsImpostor);


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