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How to reset the stage? Starting and resetting a game


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I'm doing a game for university and i don't know how to make it start and restart, like when you open the game page and when you lose, to restart, how should i do that?

Basically, the game should start when i press some button, keep going for a time and when the time reachs zero the player lose, his score is showed and he can press a button to restart.

I'm noob on javascript, learning just for this game. I already got help here and i'm learning things slow, but couldn't manage to do that, any help?


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Functions :-)

You can either reload the entire scene,

E.g using a createScene function like in the PG, on restart; dispose, re-run createScene.

Or you can use the same scene and make a restart function which resets everything to default values, disables stuff that shouldn't be visible at start, etc :-)

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