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Cannot get shadows to work in my shader


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While trying to make my own shader I seem to get stuck in getting shadows to work for a directional light. I copy/pasted what I believe are all the relevant parts from the babylon standard shaders into my own vertex and fragment shaders, and while it compiles and light/textures work just fine, shadows do not appear.

Could anyone point me to the issue? gl throws a warning about lack of textures, but I don't believe that affects the outcome as my complete shader with textures has the same issue.

http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1JFVDG#0; Uncomment line 124 to apply the shader to the ground mesh.

Thanks again as usual :)

PS. the playground seems to hang quite a lot trying to run this code, out of the playground it works fine.

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can you simply this example further? Maybe then you find the problem by yourself.

I cant even rerun the playground, it keeps crashing my browser.

And after few trials and errors, i think the problem is somewhere in your prototype functions. Shadowmap as a remainder for myself is very simple, you got a light, you bake a texture and project it on an object. 

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