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onTouch onPointer onClick javascript Library


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@ian -

I used hand.js exclusively until I began working with @Pryme8. It was he who demonstrated to me how to capture touch events into arrays and be able to use these in ways hand.js or the many other touch extensions are not capable of doing.

But for general touchscreen compatability for use with babylon.js, I personally find hand.js the easiest and most compatible touchscreen extension. But I would also take a look t hammer.js for features nd abilities which hand.js doesn't currently have. However, now that I've had experience building my own functions taught to me by @Pryme8 - I will only use touchscreen extensions when I'm short on time or if it's a simple project. Otherwise, you'll find far more flexbility in capturing touch events into arrays of your own, and it's simple to use these to drive your functions in javascript with far greater capabilities, and far fewer browser and OS compatbility limitations.


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