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How to keep camera fov static irrespective of canvas aspect ratio ?


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So apparently based on device orientation and hence canvas aspect/size ,  the babylon camera cover more or less of scene. 

How do we restrict camera to cover fixed horizontal and vertical fov ? Or say cover fixed portion of the scene regardless of target canvas size/aspect. 

For example, In case of physical camera and screen playback, where the camera lens has fixed fov or coverage. Now if the aspect of target screen is bigger or smaller, either
1 . Fit the max side (left to right or top to bottom) of cameraview (video) to target screen's respective side and show black strip  in other side .  (Just like how some channel broadcast 16:9  movies on 4:3 format by adding black strip on top and bottom ) 
2. Fit the min. side of camera view to the respective side  of screen and other side gets cropped.  (Just like how some channel broadcast 16:9 movies in 4:3 format , left-right cropped)


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