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Some animations are not playing since update to 2.5 beta


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I was using version 2.5 alpha and just switched to the latest beta.

Since the update, some of my animations aren't playing. If I shuffle the order I can sometimes get them to all run. Any idea what could cause the issue?

I know it's vague but there's no way I can reproduce it in a playground.

Today I had the problem with 2 animations, one on an object's position, the second on the camera target. the camera wouldn't animate. I swapped them around and everything executed fine ??

Have you guys changed anything in the way animations are executed?


Also this seems to happen at random. Every time I reload the page it either plays or it doesn't. Which makes me think it could be something to do with the order in which scripts are loaded?



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I'm not using blender :( These are animation I create in code, simple tweens.

I've narrowed down the problem a little:

I have 6 objects. On each of them I play a translate, a rotate, a scale, and a color animation.

At the end of my loop, I check and all 6 objects have the 4 animations registered in .animations.

However the last object's animations sometimes don't play. I put a check in the render loop and it always has its 4 animations, they just don't play.


It happens randomly but if I pause the code in the debugger then resume, it happens 100% of the time, so I'm thinking if something takes a bit too long to load or execute then it happens.


what would cause a series of animations to not play?

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I tried to but my code is quite big and I couldn't replicate a simple breaking example in the playground. Any idea what could cause an animation to not play? It's weird that it's only happening to the last batch.

my code basically looks like this:

for each (mesh in the scene){

animate mesh position
animate mesh rotation
animate mesh scaling
animate mesh color
animate mesh alpha


the last mesh somehow has animations listed in mesh.animations, but they never play. Could it be a naming problem? Is babylon removing animations from its stack and going one step too far if I keep adding animations while others are already playing?

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Could very well be something wrong in my code.

My only concern is if I switch back to 2.5 alpha it works, 2.5 beta I get these bugs :) I'll look at the diff between alpha and beta and see if anything as changed in the way babylon handles multiple animations.

I'll keep you posted!



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