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Do publishers that buy non exclusive licenses upload games to google play / app store?


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It seems most people licensing html5 games do not care about mobile but it is my priority. My games are going to be pretty niche though so I would like to try to monetize them in as many ways as possible. Although I am not sure my not so casual games would even interest publishers..

Marketjs says " Our HTML5-based games work 100% on smartphones, tablets and desktops. We cover iPhone, iPads, iPods, Android devices, Windows Phones, Blackberry, Firefox OS, Mac, PC, Windows and more." From the other html5 devs selling licenses that I have seen they also say similar things but...

1. Do the publishers buying games actually post them to mobile stores like google play or just post the games to responsive websites?

2. If so wouldn't that mean a single game might be uploaded multiple times to mobile stores like google play by different publishers?

3. If not does that mean they are earning money from browser ads?

3. Would publishers care that I publish games that I have sold non exclusive licenses on google play / ios app store / amazon etc?

4. Quick off topic question.. I spent 5 months learning web dev so I know javascript / es 6 and I also know photonstorm did a lot for flixel so would phaser be easy to learn if I am experienced with haxeflixel?


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